We seek performance and visual artists of all mediums to submit their work for this year’s festival, which will take place in New York City this June 2018. All proceeds raised by these events will be donated to the ACLU to continue to protect the rights of all people.

We are looking for performers, filmmakers, dancers, comedians, actors, musicians, spoken word performers and everything in between.

Work should relate to one of the individual themes of each evening and align with the festival’s overall mission (see below). Mediums accepted range from short films, performance art, spoken word, scene/sketch, monologues, song, dance, and more. All work should be original.

If you have something to say, we want to hear from you.

OUR MISSION: Nasty Women Unite Fest is a multi-day festival aiming to amplify voices that are often not heard in the mainstream media, providing a much-needed platform for talented women and trans artists of all mediums. In addition, the festival will incorporate carefully curated panels and resource advocacy, fostering provoking discussion on many issues related to intersectional feminism.


  • Individuals who identify as women, trans, female, femmes and non-binary, of all races, ethnicities, ages, abilities and backgrounds, are encouraged to apply.
  • New work / New York (or larger) premieres are highly encouraged, but not mandatory. Works-in-progress are also welcome to apply. However all pieces must be completed by the festival performance date.
  • All pieces, including short films, must be no more than 10 minutes in length to be considered for the festival.
  • Artists may submit more than one project and/or for more than one evening, but that does not guarantee acceptance or programming for any or all submissions.
  • All artists understand that their work and time is being donated voluntarily. We are a charitable non-profit organization; no artists or staff are compensated.
  • There is no fee to submit, or once selected, to participate in the festival. All costs related to the execution of each piece (i.e. props, etc.) are the artists’ sole responsibility.
  • By submitting, all artists agree that upon acceptance, their image, name, and submitted media may be used by NWUF for promotional and marketing purposes.





Each evening will focus on a central theme, broad enough to encompass the variety of work and panel conversations we plan to showcase, but specific enough to truly provoke meaningful conversation. Please indicate on your submission form which evening theme you are submitting for.

BELONGING, a night on the topics of identity
Work that will be curated for the “Belonging” evening can include but is not limited to issues surrounding: home, family, identity, race, sexuality, gender, immigration, community, socio-economics, expectations, history, legacy, genetics, inheritance, and more.

ATTACHMENT, a night on the topics of love and loss
Work that will be curated for the “Attachment” evening can include but is not limited to issues surrounding: love, friendship, relationships, partnerships, marriage, loss, letting go, death, mortality, grief, ritual, tradition, connection, sex, intimacy, and more.

STRIVE, a night on the topics of career and power
Work that will be curated for the “Strive” evening can include but is not limited to issues surrounding: power dynamics, work environment, work and identity, communication, career paths, dreams, goals, purpose, professionalism, work culture, influence, education, finances, advocacy, politics, and more.

BEING, a night on the topics of health, mind, and body
Work that will be curated for the “Being” evening can include but is not limited to issues surrounding: body image, shame, acceptance, mental health, mental illness, sexual health, physical health, drugs, medication, illness, trauma, food, nutrition, fertility, birth, abortion, growth, patience, healing, and more.


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