Aside from showcases groundbreaking performances, NWUF also host panels with esteemed guests who are leading the way in intersectional feminism, to start the conversation.

Previous panelists have included:

Rachelle Pereira, Co-Founder, EQUALibrium
Michelle Hope, CEO MHSexpert
Caitlin Brodnick, Screw You Cancer Series


Shannon Brennan, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Hillary for America, U.N.











Jo Johnson, International Tea speaker/educator










Audrey Dimola, Director of Public Programs, Socrates Sculpture Park
Wendy Angulo, Director of Programs of the New York City Latina Writers Group


Ana Defillo, social activist, writer, journalist
Nivedita Kulkarni, CEO of Nuva Comedy
Kambri Crews, owner of QED


Anna-Christina Douglas, Yahoo, Dropbox, YouTube











Monet Hurst-Mendoza, Playwright










Quanda Johnson, Fulbright Scholar, Performer