Donate now! Nasty Women Unite Fest’s Mission:

The idea of being a Nasty Woman* is a concept, not an identifier. We are all Nasty Women*- individuals who live proudly in the face of those who would rather silence us. NWUF sets out to provide an opportunity for a new, diverse, collaborative, and supportive community, embracing artist of all mediums to promote intersectional feminism, while raising funds for the ACLU.

What is the Nasty Women Unite Fest?

Nasty Women* Unite Fest is a multi-day arts festival, bringing together artists of various disciplines and backgrounds, to foster a home for intersectional feminism. All proceeds raised by these events will be donated to the ACLU to continue to protect the rights of all people. We will also have speakers and panelists from prominent organizations lead by women, to help educate all of those involved on how to create more integrative, supportive and therefore effective activist communities.

*Individuals who identify as women, femmes and non-binary, of all races, ethnicities, ages, abilities and backgrounds, are all considered Nasty Women in our eyes!*

Why NWUF? A Message from founder Allison Brzezinski

“I set out to create NWUF as a way to highlight the appalling distance that women still have from equality and to celebrate the efforts being taken to amend it. As a proud feminist, I was inspired by the magnitude of the Women’s March, the sheer number of individuals who participated in a cause that has been so dear to me and had for so long seemed incomprehensibly a “fringe” sentiment. This was all I needed. It was important to me to facilitate a platform where varied feminist communities could come together. The intersectionality of feminism is the pivotal and most creative point of the movement. We need a place where feminism can be displayed for others and shared amongst ourselves. Feminism is a unifying idea with many shades and manifestations; and unlike the current government, NWUF understands that this diversity and multiplicity makes Feminism stronger. Art can create communities where social change is possible. Art can activate.”