Jaclyn Backhaus is a playwright, arts facilitator, mother, and educator. Plays: Wives (Playwrights Horizons), Men On Boats (Clubbed Thumb, Playwrights Horizons), India Pale Ale (MTC, 2018 Horton Foote Prize), Folk Wandering (book/co-lyricist, Pipeline Theatre Company), You On The Moors Now (TRE). She facilitates artists and artmaking as co-Creative Director for Fresh Ground Pepper, a member of The Kilroys, and as a playwriting teacher at NYU. Backhaus was the 2016 Tow Foundation Playwright-in-Residence at Clubbed Thumb and is a playwright-in-residence at Lincoln Center. She resides in Queens with her husband, director Andrew Scoville, and their son Ernie.

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