As an Organizer at the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), Drea Herrera aims to progress Immigrants’ Rights campaigns in New York City and New York State. As an Arab, Latinx, Queer New Yorker, she is incredibly passionate about using an intersectional lens to protect and advance the civil rights of all marginalized communities.

Prior to joining the NYCLU, Drea was a Teaching Associate in Human Behavior and Social Environment at Columbia University School of Social Work (CSSW). She also taught Art and Spoken Word at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School, where she developed and implemented curriculum on identity, social justice, and empowerment.

Drea holds a Master of Science in Social Work degree from CSSW and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Seattle University. For her CSSW capstone project, Drea designed a psychoeducational support program for Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison. The program addresses the experiences and particular needs of formerly incarcerated women and femmes as they complete their Bachelor of Arts degrees.

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